Monday, May 22, 2006

Famous Cullens

There aren't very many.

There is Countee Cullen, the Harlem Renaissance poet, but Cullen wasn't his birth name (see below).

There was Bill Cullen, the game show host. My great-aunts thought he might be a cousin but I don't think so. But maybe that means that their uncle Joseph had a son named William or Bill, we have lost track of his children.

There is Lord Cullen, who is/was the highest judge of Scotland.

There is Dr. Heidi Cullen on the Weather Channel.

There is Charles Cullen, the nurse/serial killer in New Jersey.

Here are some more suggested by readers of this blog:

Alice (McLaughlin) Cullen, of Glasgow, a leader of the local Labor Party and the first female Roman Catholic member of the British Parliament.

Bill Cullen, successful businessman (Renault Ireland), author and philanthropist.

Bernard Cullen, author and Professor of Philosophy at Queen's University, Belfast. His biography (scroll down)

Who else?


Bill Cullen said...

Try Bill Cullen the author (autobiographer) and owner/md of Renault Ireland. Now one of the richest men in Ireland, mentioned in the Times Irish rich list etc.
Bill Cullen (I wish I was a relative of his! )

Bob K said...

My great aunt, Alice Cullen, was a well known left wing socialist an Labour MP for a rather rough part of Glasgow.

Bernie said...

Are there any stories online about your aunt? Or where would someone go find out more about her?
Hand the family come from Ireland in recent times, or were they Scottish?

Daniel Quenneville said...

Great blog - site.

Daniel Quenneville

Anonymous said...

my friend Bernard Cullen is a Professor of Philosophy at Queen's
University , Belfast .He is an author of well known academic books & treatises on Hegel & Phenomenology .

Bernie said...

Thats for the info about Bernard Cullen. Do you know if he was a Belfast native?

I found a bio for Bernard online and will add it to the blog.

Emma said...

I was researching my great aunt Alice Cullen MP and noticed a blog from a Bob K. My late grandmother was Alice's sister Bridget McLaughlin.

John said...

Emma: Alice Cullen was my great grandmother. Alice's grand-daughter (and my Mum), Veronica, to whom Alice was close, is still going strong aged 82 and remembers her with great warmth.