Friday, May 05, 2017

McCullen family still present in County Antrim

I received the message below a few days ago. Please email me at and I will forward your message to Charlotte

"I am from County Antrim N Ireland and my maiden name is McCullen.  My fathers family came from Loughmourne in Co Antrim.  In fact Mr Gary McCullen, my dads still living brother, (my dad died in 2003) still lives in the village of Loughmourne.  I know when I was living in N Ireland and growing up noticed there were only a few , maybe 2 other than our family in the telephone book.
I know that my dads cousin emigrated to Canada many years ago, I never met him.  My family were farmers and I believe farmers generations back. 

I now live in East Anglia in U Kingdom.

It is great to read about other McCullens around the world.  I know that Mc rather than Mac in Ireland was protestant surname and names beginning with MacC etc were normally Catholic names.  Interesting.

Any one who thinks they are related to me please contact me

Thanking you.