Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Cullen Distribution Map

Map Updated June 2008 with new DNA Project Members

Download this map and you can see it in much better detail (doubleclick to see it fullscreen, or right-click and save the picture). This is based on Griffith's Valuation from the mid 1800s. I placed the dots on the map by hand, but they are mostly accurate. This map will be useful for the Cullen Family DNA Project: The red Xs are where some of our members' families are from, and the red ?s are our members who only know the county their Cullen ancestors are from. (If your eyes are good enough to see some bluish dots, those are families spelled Cullion or Cullian). Obviously, most of the Cullens lived in the southeast of Ireland, in Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford, and that's where we need to get more members. The second map shows the current distribution of Cullens based on online phone books. The lower map is a reference map showing county names and largest towns. It's from which has lots of interesting maps and history.


MapMyAncestors said...

I've put together a program to generate distribution plots (and event plots) on Google Earth or Google maps using a GEDCOM or CSV file as input.

See -
for details


Bernie said...

This looks great, Tim,

Unfortunately I don't have a genealogy database or GEDCOM active right now. (I'm interested in my Irish lines which are very short).

Years ago I tried doing a similar thing with pencil and ruler on a world map, showing my ancestors converging on Chicago over the centuries.

loneranger said...

Im William John Cullin From new york city, born in 1937, My dad Bill
arthur Cullin born 1910 & his Dad John Cullin passed away 1927 in Brooklyn at age 37 I dont know any more History [was told I was Irish & know nothing about Irish, where or what[i was married to an English lady , plane Stopped in Shannon & Dublin, [but i dont know anymore

Bernie said...

Hello William,

I just got an message that you left a comment on my blog. Thanks for this information, I will try to see if I can find your family in the census. Do you know your grandmother's name (John's wife)? You can email me directly at berniecullen AT


Anonymous said...

I am a Cullen from South Shields which is a coastal town in the North East of England.

There is also a fishing village on the south coast of the Moray firth in Scotland called Cullen, it is not far from the town of Elgin.

Bernie said...

Thank you for your comment, do you know your Cullen family has lived in South Shields for a long time, or did they come there from somewhere else?

We have a Cullen in the DNA project whose ancestors are from Longbenton, Walker, not too far from you. But his family was originally Irish.

Have you seen my other postings about Cullens in Scotland and England?

Bernie Cullen

Anonymous said...

I have verified Cullen relatives from Norfolk and Suffolk in the 1700s and 1800s. They lived in Fincham and Kings Lynn. I have letters and journals and jewelry from Charlotte Cullen (4 Oct. 1799- 22 Apr. 1840).She married James Slater 29 Dec. 1825 at St. Martin's in Fincham. Her father was Spencer Cullen (1769- 1809)who married Hannah Barsham on 26 Feb. 1795 at St. Martin's Fincham, Norfolk.Hannah died may 1836 and is buried in the churchyard in Fincham. Spencer's father was Christopher Cullen bapt. 23 Apr. 1737 @St. Mary the Virgin Wigginhall, Norfolk. Hannah Cullen Slater (1828-1910) came to the US in 1850,where her 3 brothers were already involved in businesses in Ohio. She married Adam Butler and moved to Tennessee prior to the Civil War. She kept ALL the family letters, journals, bapt. records, etc.I have watercolor portraits of Charlotte Cullen (1799-1840) and her two sisters, who continued to reside in England in the Norfolk and Suffolk area. I would love to share what I have with the rest of "my" Cullen family members and would like to know more about the Cullen family before the 1737 Christopher. I live in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. my email is: